It was in a cave in Ibiza where she discovered Indian signals and energy calling her to go there, after a few months she did. She fell in love with the country and it´s people, so much she stayed for over seven years. During this period she discovered the art of meditation which changed her life learning how to really live. Fascinated over spending all those hours with the locals, enjoying their aromatic gastronomy, learning their culture and their way of doing things, their language,she travelled all around the country to the most remote villages that not many have heard of.

In one of these trips riding a classical Royal Enfield motorcycle, she started her return back to Spain crossing Nepal´s and Tibet´s borders, avoiding Afghanistan which was still in the middle of war. During this trip, she has met a great number of women and lived in their houses, finding their natural beauty of no falseness, no fear, only truth. Years later she gives birth to HIPPY-HEART idea that will allow her to recreate this adventurous philosophy through her designs. Creating clothes and accessories that are elegant but practical.

The heart of our brand is in Pune (Maharashtra). Every piece is handmade with special care from the design process to it´s production. Keeping the Indian centenary techniques of embroidery, dyeing and stitching, while respecting fair trade. Our workshops runs as family businesses, where the creation process of each piece is handled with care by skilled professionals. We use only high quality source materials, worth of Maharajanis.

Even though we cover our sales needs, we work to keep each garment´s special status and exclusivity. We don´t believe in mass production, creating each piece individually and maintaining it´s uniqueness.

A piece of art on our body make´s us feel connected, free, pretty”
 Vanessa Sitara


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